Hi, Hello

Welcome to Fckry. We are a kinetic lifestyle brand embracing the community with in our cultures. Focusing on the arts of life and generally things that make us happy. Currently we are behind the curtains curating some unique blends. Things will start to present themselves this year, but in the meantime we would like to continue share things from our community.

If you have something that gets your soul rocking and you would like us to add it to the collection, let us know via Email.

Looking for Hemp and CBDs, wondering why in the world you ended up here of all places? Its understandable. Just like everything else we believe in and support here at Fckry, our health is important to us. Finding products that are consistently made organically and with love as to be expected by Oregonians. We are in the process of making a collective marketplace of local hemp farmers here in Oregon and hope provide a store front that you find yourself coming back to.

If you would like to be in the loop on this project sign up here.